• Chance of Financial Return:

    The system comes with the use of Banner Advertising which allows the sale of advertising space for members of the Lodge, generating funds to cover your monthly cost until financial income.
  • Agility:

    The system is complete and ready for instant use! Quickly place the site of your Lodge on the Internet without any complication. This is because we offer a ready system, simply register the Freemasons and the data from your Lodge to start using.
  • Low Investment:

    Compared to the return system provides, that the investment is almost symbolic. The subscription plans are accessible to all Masonic Lodges.
  • Economy:

    In addition to offering a significant reduction in the investments on infrastructure, you will not have any expense costs of maintaining the domain, hosting and database.
  • Tranquility:

    The system speeds up the management of your Lodge and free you from worries related to the update of applications, operating systems, databases, backups, support, consulting, training and hardware.
  • Easiness and Comfort:

    The use of the system is very simple and easy through its user friendly interface. Anyone will be authorized to operate and easy to use system resources.
  • Total Access 24 hours per day 7 days per week:

    The web access makes the system available anytime, day or night, anywhere in the world. Home, business, computer, by phone, you can access the system and use its resources normally.
  • Constant updates:

    The system is constantly updated with new features and improvements. It is a guarantee to be updated free of charge.
  • Own Domain:

    Becoming a client, your website will be recorded in your own domain such as "www.yourlodge.maviu.com" without charge or at another address of your choice.
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