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We provide our services via e-mail where we have prepared the whole structure to ensure flexibility in response to needs.

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Low cost for your Lodge : We keep the cost of tuition in our plans to have efficiency in the management of our costs. Maintain a structure to our call center reality of low rate of occurrence, would result in an impact on our prices.


Agility for your Lodge: Because the system is very comprehensive Virtual Freemasonry, agility could sin until we direct your demand, via telephone, to the clerk still need specific trigger other internal departments to complete the service, at the risk of wear until the patience of our customers. With the attendance by e-mail, can be more agile in the care without causing wear to our customers.


Evolutionary improvement to attending your Lodge: With the storage of information carried by e-mail, we conduct studies of trends and improve our product and our service more and more, while still providing access for you to consult all history now demands open.


We try to meet requests for support with as much speed as possible to maintain the best relationship with our customers. Please clearly describe the need for us to meet our efficiency in care. Once the requested support, wait for the answer or position of the crew and make sure that we will be starting immediately call to find the best solution for your need.


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