The Virtual Freemasonry System was developed to manage Masonic Lodges. Developed by Freemasons, the system includes all the features necessary to ensure your success and a variety of resources to exploit the full potential of integration among members of the Lodge.

The program Virtual Freemasonry makes the management of any Masonic Lodge in a simple task!

Do as many other Lodges already are administered through the Virtual Freemasonry, choose the plan that best adheres to the Lodge and hire right now!

Notice of Birthdays:

- Sending automatic messages by e-mail daily to the Freemasons with the relation of the day Birthdays - birthdays and marriage age, the Freemasons and their families.

Internet Telephony (VOIP):

- Allows make calls to any landline and mobile.

SMS and E-mail message:

- Sending SMS messages directly to mobile phones of the Freemasons and their families
- Messaging, E-mail, individual or groups of Freemasons and their families.

Personal Settings:

- Individual access for keeping the register of personal data, photo and data from their families. Access also to see your degree, the record attendance at meetings of the Lodge and your Certificate of Attendance. This area also has a feature that allows the Freemason to print your invoices and billing refer to the previous payment history.


- Maintenance of records of all Freemasons of the Lodge and their families, Photos, Degrees, Licenses, Attendance at the sessions, guest, Certificate of Attendance, register of non users of the Lodge that wants to access a restricted area of ?the site.


- Create photo albums to store and safely publish the entire collection of photographs of the Lodge of Freemasons and their families

Documents, Works and Archives:

- Storage and security of consultation with all types of documents used by the Lodge.


- Report of phones and e-mails from Freemasons and their Families;
- Report of Birthdays with a list of birthdays of the Freemasons and their Families;
- Report Residential Address of the Freemasons and their Families;
- Report of the Freemasons telling Business Professions and Positions
- Report for interstices degrees with the relationship of the Freemasons and their completion dates for the time required by Interstice degrees;
- Report Percentage Attendance of the Freemasons;
- Attendance Report with the relationship of the Freemasons Attendance at meetings of the Lodge;
- Report on the Attendance to be collected signatures in their sessions;
- Report issued charges by the Freemasons and the situation of each;
- Balance Financial Report of the Lodge;
- Movement Financial Report of the Lodge;
- Movement Financial Report of the Freemasons;
- Report current balance of the Freemasons based on Entry of registered Charging Invoice and Masons;
- Charges for Mobile Messaging (SMS).

Groups and Permissions:

- Register of Groups and permissions for the Freemasons and system users.
- Register of Access groups used by the Lodge.
- Register of Permissions Groups of the Lodge.

General Settings:

- Retention of Information Lodge.
- Maintenance of the Site pages with text and images.
- Sponsors Site. Intended for Freemasons interested in advertising their ventures. The ads are displayed across the banner at the top of the site and through e-mails sent by the system.
- Changing the Logo and Website Banner.
- Changing the Appearance of the site for one of the options available.
- Registration of graduate degrees used by Lodge.


- Register of accounting accounts
- Accounting for all Incomes and expenses of the Lodge for reporting of Movement and Financial statements.
- Register of Incomes and expenses for the Freemasons of the Lodge.
- Transactions in Mass Income and Expenditure Freemasons Groups.


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