The System Virtual Freemasonry was developed and is maintained under the best practices for Information Security, with high encryption and several security features. All this to ensure that the information registered remain inaccessible to unauthorized persons by the Lodge.

- Access to the web system is allowed only for Free Freemasons previously registered username and password.
- All users are associated with pre-configured profiles permission to have access only to features that compete.

Recommendations to further strengthen security:

  • Users should control who has access to their computers at home and at work. Whenever the user you intend to leave your computer idle, it is preferable to disconnect the system (Exit).
  • Users should choose the access codes that are easy to remember but difficult for others to guess.
  • Users should avoid choosing passwords based on dates of birthdays, phone numbers, personal information commonly used or repeated characters.
  • Users should not share your passwords or access codes with anyone.
  • Users must have full conviction that he is accessing your computer is completely safe from spyware, viruses or other malicious programs, because we can not guarantee the security of your computer.

The system was designed and implemented to ensure the security of information it manages. All access to the system is validated by user code and password previously registered, where users are associated with access to profiles that have access only to information which they compete.

Example: a Freemason belonging to a group of Treasury will not have access to records of the Secretary of the group.

The whole architecture of Virtual Freemasonry is designed to ensure the confidentiality of information. The platform of confidentiality ensures that the Freemasons they enter the system, have access only to information regarding their level of education.

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