Zero cost and Revenue generation!

Through the module Sponsors of your site, you will have the opportunity to increase Revenue to cover the cost of the system through the leasing of advertising banners for members that are interested in sponsoring, promoting their companies, products and services for all site guests of your Lodge.

This recipe can even exceed the cost of the system, generating Revenue for your Lodge.

The plans below are monthly and are calculated on the basis of total actives and regular Freemasons that you register on your site. You do not need to worry about choosing the plan: the Virtual Freemasonry does this automatically for you.

The Payment (after the demonstration period) will be done through Paypal




Get to know the system Freemasonry Virtual

The Web System of Virtual Freemasonry was developed to allow members of the Lodge manage public and private information. You decide what and when to disclose, in total security and confidentiality. Access levels are defined including members of the Lodge, targeting activities of committees and positions in the system.

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